The Powderhorn Clan is a muzzleloading  rifle club dedicated to the preservation of these fine American firearms. The Powderhorn clan has been a charter club of the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association since 1948. The Clan is also involved in the faithful re-creation of the lifestyle of
the Mountain Men, Long Hunters and French Voyagers, who armed with this type of weapon, carved a Nation from this land we now call America. This activity is now carried on worldwide and is commonly known as "Buckskinning." Local clubs throughout the country rendezvous year round.
The basic rules for this activity are really quite simple, until you try to follow them. All firearms, clothing, lodging and related gear must be of PRE-1840 vintage. This may either be original or faithful re-creation ofsuch items.
     While there are many muzzleloading gun clubs statewide, The Powderhorn Clan is currently the only "primitive" club in Arizona. We have no home base or range and members are scattered throughout the state. Phoenix, Kingman, Casa Grande, Flagstaff and Snowflake are but a few places you will
find clansmen. Most are also members of local shooting clubs. About six to eight times each year we all rendezvous at various sites within the state.
The camp is set-up and any modern gear is removed out of sight. For all practical purposes, the time is prior to 1840. Activities include shooting, hawk and knife throwing contests, practicing primitive skills, nature hikes and related matters. The Powderhorn Clan does not take part in parades, but does do public"living history" demonstrations.

     The Powderhorn Clan is accepting applications for membership. Buckskinning is not for everyone,  however, if you would like more info. or would like to join the Powderhorn Clan, contact us here & receive a complimentary newsletter & the name of the brigade Booshway in your area. Rendezvous dates & locations are published in the newsletter & on our website. Remember, you don't need anything but an interest to get started!
Some buckskinning How-to's!
For more information about the Powderhorn clan, email us...

Click on the red links below to access the brigade in your area- Badger is North & West Valley of the Sun
Snake is South & East Valley of the Sun
Bear is Prescott
Antelope is N.E. AZ.
Burro is Kingman
Horse is Flagstaff
Field Mouse is Tuscon
Skunk is Verde Valley
Firestarting- the basics...
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And just for fun, THE MOOSE BRIGADE! Home of the Mo' Bedda Band!
The Powderhorn Clan
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The annual Pauline Weaver Ronde will be held in Oct. This will be the fifth year that we will gather at the Cooper Ranch in Wagoner AZ. I will post directions/fliers etc at a later date, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up so you can mark your calendars. Verify before making plans as things can change. This year we will also be hosting a primitive skills gathering, so if anyone is interested in volunteering some time to demostrate your particular special skill...let us hear from you!
In addition, please send us contact information for any regional clubs/organizations who might be interested in hearing about this encampment. Or even any free trappers in the area. We'll then send out fliers to each and a reminder in Sept.